Residential Cleaning Services


Clean exterior of all appliances & cabinet doors
Disinfect counter-top & sink
Wipe & move items on counter
Polish/dust other decor
Vacuum & wash floors


Clean & disinfect tub, tiles, sink & toilet
Polish mirrors & decor
Wipe cabinet doors
Vacuum & wash floors

Living, Dining, Family & Bedrooms

Dust furniture & decor
Polish mirrors
Make beds
Tidy up
Vacuum throughout and/or wash floors

All Rooms

Dust windowsills
Vacuum baseboards
Empty garbage cans
Spot clean doors, walls & switch plates

Move In/Out Cleaning

Thoroughly clean bathrooms including inside vanity and cabinets
Clean kitchen including inside cabinets, oven and refrigerator.
Move appliances to clean their sides and wash the floor under them
Wipe down washer/dryer and clean laundry cabinets inside and out
Wash all baseboards, sills and other trim
Clean light fixtures including ceiling fans
Spot wipe fingerprints and clean switch plates
Vacuum all floors and carpets including inside closets
Wipe shelves and clothes racks inside all closets
Wash all floors
Sweep basement floor (if requested)

Post-Construction Cleaning


All hard surface floors
All countertops, sinks, tubs, toilets, wall tile and cabinetry (inside and out)
Window tracks, sills, trim and ledges
Register boots/grilles
Banisters, spindles and railings
All doors (inside and out)
Linen and closet shelves
Furnace and water heater
Light fixtures


All hard surface and carpeted floors (excluding unfinished basement and garage floors)
Inside all cabinetry and drawers
Inside all register boots
Window tracks and sills


Plumbing fixtures
Showers, sinks, toilets and tubs


Remove stickers, paint, drywall compound, cement etc. and wash inside and out


Removal of all stickers, tape, drywall compound, light paint splatter etc, on all walls, doors, floors, fixtures, counters and cabinetry
Disposal of any garbage pertaining to the service provided by Oxford's Maid Service.

Additional Services

Spring and fall cleaning
Renovation clean-ups
Refrigerator and oven cleaning
Window cleaning
Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Special events/occasions
Open house
Post surgery
Post party